what is response time on a monitor

What is Response Time on a Monitor? Is Monitor Response Time Important? An Ultimate Guide 2024

Finding the best answer to What is Response Time on a Monitor? It is not possible, but we can consider some factors that are near to the correct answer. When buying a unique monitor, you can view the Response rate, Refresh Rate or Frame Rate, which is most important for gamers and ordinary users.

What is Response Time on a Monitor?

Monitor Response time is a complicated feature and one of the ignoring factors. Because it will change in mili seconds, it is a pixel shifting from one colour to another and measured by (ms) like 16ms 1 ms 5ms 10ms. You can see this in the monitor’s specifications. 1ms means (0.001 seconds) that changed the pixel colours. you can also read Is Overclocking Monitor Safe.

However, if you want to change the monitor response time, you can change it with overdrive settings if your monitor has this setting. But if you like this type of monitor with overdrive settings, it is very costly so it could be a better practice. So choose the best and most reasonable monitor for your use. 

What is Response Time on a Monitor?

Black to White to Black

These colours are called standard response time measured by full-time active (white), inactive (black), and black active again. Now you can imagine how long it takes to change the pixel colours. Black to White to Black is the higher response time, and they are slower to shift. It is more interesting for daily users who are excited to find monitor ergonomics. 

Gray -to-Gray

Gray -to-Gray function means intermediate gradation, which means pixels are not entirely inactive. And the LCD have 256 gradations of grey. It is faster and has excellent response time for video game lovers with good videography experience. 

Difference Between Refresh Rate or Frame Rate

You need to know some other factors like Refresh Rate or Frame rate. It is different but can be confused you.

Refresh Rate

Refresh Rate

It calculates monitor image updates every second and is measured by (HZ) hertz.
Higher hertz means
a higher smoother picture.
And the refresh rate
means to display monitor hardware directly.

Frame Rate 

Frame Rate 

Frame rate means the images are shown. We can consider it (fps) frame per second. Every image shows a structure that represents how faster it change between screen. And the most crucial point is the frame rate is not depending on your monitor. It is the combination of the graphics card, software and CPU.

Refresh Rate1 FrameMinimum Required Response Time
60HZ16.67 msMinimum 16 ms
144HZ6.94 msMinimum 6 ms
240HZ4. 17 msMinimum 4 ms
360HZ2.78 msMinimum 2 ms

What are the Downsides of a Fast Response Time?

It can be more complicated for the typical user who only wants to use it to browse or watch videos. But it can also be difficult for video gaming lovers if they have good experience controlling boosted brightness, blue light filters and eyestrain-reducing features.

response with quick facts

Should you buy a Monitor with a Low Response Time?

If your needs are full fill with a low response time monitor, you can consider it. It cannot play high video games and could be better for gamers. And the most important thing is to have a reasonable budget first, consider your needs and then look into your budget and make a good decision.

Should you consider a Better Response Time?

As we mentioned, if you are a videographer, then yes, go for it because a better response time monitor can fulfil your requirements.


What is Response Time on a Monitor? We try our best to explain every factor that can help you. Monitoring response time is essential to transition pixels from one colour to another. 

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We suggest you choose the best response time monitor according to your needs. Because you can decide what your budget is and search online or go to the market to find the best monitor.

We hope it will be helpful to you; if you need any help, you can ask in the comment section; we are here to help you. 

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