How to Customize Mouse Buttons

How to Customize Mouse Buttons Left to Right Ultimate Guide 2024

Use the default commands for How to Customize Mouse Buttons with different commands. Also, you can use different keyboard commands to customize it so that it works to suit you. For this purpose, you have to download the software. As we know, PVP gamers use the top mouse buttons for different purposes. They need to customize the buttons to perform different actions to improve their gaming experience. That’s why they need a proper guide to customize their mouse buttons. For selecting a gaming mouse, please read our guide.

Moreover, if you have a ten-button mouse, choose the software specially designed for it. Then you can customize your buttons for different tasks. Do not consider Logitech software; use only that company software that makes only mice-supported software. How to Customize Mouse Buttons Let’s learn step by step to customize the mouse buttons.

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How to change the mouse buttons?

Are you looking to change your mouse gesture or want to re-configure it? So for this purpose, you need a separate application or window setting. Let’s discuss these different customize mouse button actions.

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Primary Buttons setting

This is the primary button setting. If you want to change the left to right button setting, it is a trick to perform this task. And for middle or one-to-one button settings, we use a different method. 

  • Go to C-Panel and open the setting
  • Search mouse/ Devices
  • Now set the left to a right mouse button with your need
  • You can use this alternative method for primary buttons setting
  • Click on the Windows + R key to open or Run
  • Open mouse setting type main.cpl

Now select the primary buttons key left to right under the configuration buttons and uncheck the right mouse buttons as primary keys. You may also like How to Change Gaming Mouse Led Color?

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Customize mouse with Dedicated Mouse Application

Customized gaming mice have dedicated mouse applications, including Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries and Corsair, that will be used to control the mouse specifications. If you are using a heavy mouse-like form, then use the high-demand application. If you do not know how to do it manually, then google it and use the manual application.

Third-Party Mouse Control Application

You can use the eThird=Party application to customize your mouse button setting. This setting is for those not using a dedicated mouse button setting application.

On the other hand, the Third-Party application can be used by any mouse to control their actions and commands. You will find mouse control software on the internet, like Mouse Manager, Clicky Mouse, AutoHotkey, and X-Mouse Button Control.

You will also find the setting videos about these applications. We are discussing some of them.

Mouse Manager

Use the mouse manager application to configure your four or five mouse buttons. Mouse managers only allow the configuration of two buttons, and now is the first time their UI allows the configure mouse buttons.

  • Download and Install Mouse Manager
  • Run it and go to the settings
  • Check Enable Mouse Manager and Start with Windows
  • Click on the profile tab and the 4 or 5 mouse button

In the last step, could you save it?

Although you can configure the multiple mouse buttons using the Mouse Manager Application.

X-Mouse Button Control

Another amazing app for How to Customize Mouse Buttons allows us a vertical to horizontal scrolling feature instead of wheel scrolling and more things. 

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  • Download and Install the application
  • On the right panel side in layer 1, you will see all mouse button settings.
  • Make the changes to your need, then click on apply
  • To apply all settings, turn off the scroll wheel

FAQS How to Customize Mouse Buttons

How to use the mouse side buttons?

It is easy to configure the mouse setting for mouse side buttons. Go to settings> click on double mouse> Buttons Tab> Now assign the functions on the buttons you need. Then click on apply and ok. The setting will apply to your mouse buttons. Also, read this guide How fast can I click my mouse?

How to edit gaming mouse buttons?

You can use the same method whenever you have a gaming mouse or a simple mouse for a simple setting. The simple and same method is available in every window setting. 

Final Prediction

The mouse is a very important part of any gamer or daily user, so How to you Customize Mouse Buttons? Every person needs to know about this setting; rather he is a gamer or an office user. Because all of these need quick actions to do their work properly and quickly, we try to give you all information about mouse buttons setting, and we hope it will work for you. 

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Moreover, do not forget to use dedicated mouse setting software if you have Logitech, SteelSeries or any kind of heavy mouse like this. And always use the specialized application for your simple mouse that is designed especially for the mouse. If you like our review, stay tuned for more tips and information. 😍 😍 😍

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