How to Reset Mouse Settings

Best Guide How to Reset Mouse Settings in Windows 10/11 |2024|

If your mouse behaviour is unfamiliar, you can check it yourself. So check the problem because it is not suitable for your work. If you do not fix it on time, it can be disconcerting for your daily routine. In the windows settings, you do not see a single button for resetting the settings; let’s discuss these steps How to Reset Mouse Settings?

In the windows configuration, the mouse is on the right-hand person. Because most of the users are right-handed, some of them are left-handed. Check these options…

How to Default Mouse Setting?

  • Type in the taskbar settings and go to Devices > Mouse settings
  • Select the option Adjust mouse & cursor size here, and you can change the pointer colour and size
  • Also, you can try advanced mouse settings and disable the Clicklock option. Now you set the pointer set to none.

Also, some default settings you will see here, like…

  • How many lines to scroll
  • Primary Buttons left or right
  • Mouse scroll wheel
  • Inactive windows scroll

How to reset Gaming Mouse?

You can use some default pointers to reset your gaming mouse.

  • Type > Settings > Devices
  • Select > Mouse
  • On the right side, select Additional Mouse Options for access to Mouse Properties.
  • Select > Pointer Tab
  • Select > Default
  • Select  Apply > Ok

How to Reset Mouse Settings / Or All Settings?

  1. Troubleshooting
  2. Reset Buttons
  3. Use Custom Drivers


Suppose your mouse behaviour is not normal. First, check the troubleshooting setting on your mouse. It can occur from buggy drivers or bad batteries. When you reset your mouse, it means it will shift to the default settings, and if you do not want these settings, go to mouse properties and reset it again. 

Reset Buttons

You can go to their link and easily reset your mouse buttons using a wireless mouse. Find a tiny reset button in your mouse and do it yourself. And a Corsair mouse has two buttons for resetting; it reads the description and applies the correct method to reset it. 

Use Custom Drivers

We know Microsoft, Logitech, and Intelpoint have their customised software. But sometimes this software is unsuitable for your windows setting, so go to their official website and discuss the issue. They will guide you properly regarding your problem.

How to Reset Mouse Setting on Mac?

If you are facing a mouse settings problem in your Mac, then two methods can be used to reset mouse settings. Follow these steps to reset your mouse.

Method 1:-

  • Click on Start > Setting
  • Click on Devices > Bluetooth & other devices
  • Choose Bluetooth mouse option > Remove the device
  • Now Reboot the computer
  • Reconnect your Bluetooth with your pc again

Method 2:-

Also, reset your hard mouse and return the default settings if the previous methods are not working. Follow these steps…

  • First, disconnect your mouse from your PC.
  • Together press the right and left buttons and hold down
  • Hold down the controls and plug them into your PC.
  • Now, wait to connect it successfully. LED flashes.

Keep In knowledge

We suggest this tip for some brands; only some mouse brands are helpful with this method. Because some brands have a small reset button, you can reset your mouse settings using this button. 

How to change the mouse setting in your MacOS

If you do not have a reset button, follow these two steps.

  1. Apple Icon > Menu bar > System Preferences
  2. Now click Bluetooth > Show Bluetooth in the menu bar
  3. Press simultaneously Shift + Option
  4. Click on Debud and select Remove all devices
  5. Now again, try to pair your mouse with youR MacOS

Method 2:-

  1. Connect your mouse to Mac
  2. Disconnect other devices like the keyboard
  3. Now click the Apple icon > Shoe Bluetooth in the menu bar
  4. Press simultaneously and hold Shift + Option > Bluetooth icon
  5. Click on Debug > Factory reset connected Apple devices

How to Turn off Lights on Gaming Mouse?

Gaming mice have several features, including RGB lights, and most people like this feature. Also, this feature is prevalent; you will see every mouse with RGB lights, not LED ones. But it is also disturbing during your sleep, so you need to know How to Turn off Lights on Gaming Mouse? Let’s discuss in detail there are three easy steps. 

  1. Software
  2. Use the mouse back button
  3. Use Tape


Some mice do not have another option for turning off lights, but theory supports the software. So use the software for customising your mouse settings. If you are using a Logitech mouse, use Logitech LIGHTSYNS; it will give you access to customise your mouse setting or RGB lights with your desired locations. 

Use the mouse back button.

Hold your mouse and see on the backside if your mouse has this feature; you will see the small button. Turon of it and your mouse RGB lights are turned off. This method is easy, but not for those who want to turn it off temporarily.

Use Tape

We are sorry if the previous methods are not working for you and your mouse does not support any software or feature. In this case, you have only one option to cover up the mouse lights; we know it is not a good idea, but it will permanently block the lights. This job will be done with this process because your mouse is not eligible to follow any other method. 

Can you turn off the LEDs of a mouse?

It depends on your mouse brand; if your mouse supports any software, you can customise your mouse setting using it. Or if you have a small button in your mouse back, turn it off, but unfortunately, if you do not have both options, then cover it with tape.

How to control lights on a gaming mouse?

There are three methods to control your gaming mouse lights, and pick one that suits you. 

  • Use the external software
  • Check your mouse back and find the small turn-off button,
  • Use tape to cover the RGB lights on your mouse. 

How to Assign Mouse buttons?

Following these methods, you can assign your mouse buttons according to your needs.

Method 1 for Windows 11

  • Press Windows key >  type mouse > Start menu
  • Search Mouse setting
  • Now in the setting tab > drop-down list on the right > Primary mouse button
  • Now set the setting right or right according to your needs. 

Method 2 Windows 8/10

  • Windows keys > Mouse
  • Click on the mouse setting

Now select the primary button > change menu from right to left

Method 3 for Windows Vista & 7

  • Type in the taskbar Control panel and click on it
  • Now go to Hardware and sound setting
  • Choose mouse option
  • Click mouse properties > click buttons tab > switch primary and secondary buttons.

Method 4 Windows 2000 and XP

  • Go to the control panel
  • Now double-click on the mouse icon
  • Go to mouse properties > Button tab > select an action for both buttons. You may also like this guide How to Move Mouse Between Monitors?

Method 4 Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT

  • Click on the control panel
  • Double-click on the mouse option
  • Now check the mouse properties; you will see the buttons tab and change the configuration of your buttons from left to right.


We try to configure all the things about How to Reset Mouse Settings? And we hope you will find all the answers about mouse buttons setting, reassign settings, RGB colour settings and in different windows settings methods. It is hard to explain everything, but we try to put our experience in this review article. Also, write your comment in the comment section and tell us about your experience. 

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