How to Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping

4 Best Solutions for How to Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping

As we know, the mouse is an important part of our working desk, and we need a mouse to do our daily tasks. Because we need a good and proper working mouse to finish our work, and when mouse jumping is not stable, it isn’t very pleasant for us. When the mouse jumps up or down and is a bit delayed, you feel bad when you will not fix it. So do not be annoyed and apply our 4 solutions for How to Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping, and we hope it will be helpful.

Moreover, we know about technical issues that can appear in any computer hardware, and your mouse is affected by these technical issues. And the major problem in mouse jumping is up and down movement. How to Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping you can fix it using troubleshooting techniques like charging your mouse batteries, cleaning the mouse components, rebooting the computer, and checking your USB port or wireless connection. 

How to Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping

If the problem is not fixed, you can replace the uncorrupt drivers and install the new drivers. And the last option is to contact the manufacturer and claim your warranty or demand a new mouse. Do not worry; let’s do it step by step and learn How to Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping. 

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Check the basic settings

If you do not check the basic setting, do it first to solve your mouse jumping problem.

  • Update your computer
  • Try different USB ports for connecting your mouse
  • Charge the mouse by replacing the batteries
  • Use different scrolling program
  • Connect your wireless mouse with any other wireless-supported device and check whether the connection is working.

Try 4 Basic methods for How to Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping

1: Change the setting of your mouse

2: Update drivers manually or automatically

3: Turn off the touchpad on your laptop

4: Hardware Issue

Solution 1:  

Change the setting of your mouse

You can fix your mouse jumps issue by setting up basic troubleshooting techniques. Follow these steps and apply them to your mouse setting. 

01: Go to your search bar and search the Control Panel and press Enter.

2: View your control panel on a large icon set and click on the mouse icon.

03: If your mouse wheel is fast, click on the mouse wheel setting and adjust the speed to your comfort.

Note:- Must read How to Clean Mouse Wheel because sometimes dust on your mouse wheel can affect your performance.

4:- Search the pointer option and uncheck the Hide pointer while typing.

5: Now check if your mouse jumping is working or not.

Solution 2: Update drivers manually or automatically

Most of the time, we must remember to update our drivers, and we face technical issues. It is necessary to update everything for new features and proper working. You can update drivers manually if you have basic computer knowledge because you need to install the right ones on your computer. And the automatic drivers’ update is a very simple and easy method, and it can be done with simple mouse clicks. It automatically recognizes your computer and will find the right driver, and you do not need to search about your computer and apply for any risky driver. You will be safe from any installation mistakes.

01: Easily download drivers and install them. 

02:  Scan your driver by running it; if your computer has any problem, the scanner finds it. 

03:  Click the automatic update and install the correct drivers.

04: Now check if your mouse jumping is working or not.

Solution 3: Turn off the touchpad on your laptop

In this case, you can turn off the touchpad if your laptop is sensitive. Connect the external mouse to solve your problem.

01: Click the Windows logo key + 1 together.

02: Click Devices

03:Disable the device by clicking on the touchpad.

04: Now check your mouse working

Solution 4: Hardware Issue

If you apply all these basic settings on your mouse, you need help getting it to work. So How to Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping. So we can assume your hardware is failed. And let’s try the last thing: open your mouse and clean the dust; read How to Clean Mouse Sensor for this purpose. Hopefully, it will work, or replace the mousse and buy a new one. Check your mouse warranty; if you have the warranty, then claim it with the manufacturer.


We try our best to give you a useful guide about How to Fix Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping because basic troubleshooting techniques can solve this problem. Like cleaning the mouse, rebooting your computer, and updating the drivers. 

Suppose all these things are not working, and you have a hardware issue with your mouse. Check your mouse warranty and contact manufacturers to replace it in this situation. However, buy a new mouse from any good company. 


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