How to Lock Mouse to One Monitor

Step By Step Guide How to Lock Mouse to One Monitor 2024

Many people use dual systems to do their different tasks fastly and accurately. In this technique, users can move their mouse from one Monitor to another monitor. They set these steps to perform multiple functions in which they can quickly shift their files or data from one Monitor to another. How to Lock  Mouse to One Monitor? It is necessary when they do not want to use a second monitor. In this case, they need to lock the mouse to one Monitor. 

How to Lock  Mouse to One Monitor? However, windows do not have built-in tools for locking your mouse on one Monitor. But when you use a dual system, some applications can work for it by default. Some dual monitor tool applications are available; you can use them to control your dual monitor system. 

  1. Go to the official site and download the Dual Monitor Tools Application
  2. Click on the right tap and hold to tap on the option for the dual monitor tool
  3. On the left-hand menu, select General
  4. Now on the lock cursor, enable it and press the ok
  5. Also, it can be used as default when you allow the cursor to move freely.

How to Lock  Mouse to one Monitor On A Windows PC

It is suitable for us that we have simple and easy ways to Lock the Mouse to one Monitor On A Windows PC. We can do this freely with some easy steps; when Windows 7 is working, we have just 2 ways to do this.

Windows System Setting

Most people use different apps for their dual system because they do not try these easy steps. Third-party apps are not the solution, just learn these simple ways and do it.

  • Right-click on your desk to select the display setting
  • Now go to screen setting the check the monitor alignment
  • Now choose where you want to lock your mouse
  • Now click on that Monitor where you want to lock your mouse
  • This way, you can lock your mouse on one Monitor, and the cursor will stop between one screen edge. 

How to Lock  Mouse to One Monitor Using Third-Party Apps?

However, if you want to use Third-Party Apps to lock your mouse on one screen, you can download some free tools like Dual Monitor Tools or Cursor Lock app. Both are available on the internet; you can easily find and download them.

  • Download and run Dual Monitor Tools on your pc
  • In the task manager, click on the app icon to open the app window
  • Open the app and to ot general setting
  • Select the name option ‘Lock cursor onto the screen
  • Now click on ‘Change.’
  • When you select a new window will appear ‘Enable this hotkey.’
  • Now choose this option and assign the hotkey to your choice
  • Press on ‘OK,’ then save it

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How to Lock  Mouse to one Monitor when gaming?

It is not a different setting; it is the same as the windows pc setting. You do not need to do anything else; just follow these simple steps.

  • Type in the task manager ‘Display setting’
  • Check the alignment of your mouse in the screen setting
  • Select the option where you want to lock your mouse
  • Now save the environment and click it on higher to lower, then it works diagonally.

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Final Prediction

Having a dual monitor system is very hard when managing different things because it does your many tasks in one click in a way to move your cursor from one screen to another screen. How to Lock  Mouse to one Monitor? We will explain it step by step, and we hope you understand.

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Moreover, our experts explain their years of experience; when you follow this, you do not need to move for any guide. Believe us, it is not easy, but we will try our best to guide you accordingly. 

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