How to clean mouse wheel

10 Tips How to Clean Mouse Wheel Complete Guide 2024

How to Clean Mouse Wheel: Are you a pro gamer or blogger, or businessman? In every role in life, a single desktop computer is necessary to run everything. And your regular use requires the proper care of your computer gadgets. ​​ Because without these things, you can not become a successful person, even if it is the main weapon of your every achievement. If your main working things are not clean and do not provide the proper working results, it will slow your progress.

A successful businessman always takes care of all these things because they have the plannings in their mind. And the one major part of your computer is a good working mouse, and in this guide article, you will learn about How to Clean Mouse Wheel because good care increases your mouse life and working performance.

Moreover, your monitor, keyboard, pc fan, or mouse wheel gets dirty with dust, and all these things need deep cleaning. How to Clean Computer Mouse. provides you with a guide about computer mouse deep cleaning. Most people must be aware of How to Clean Mouse Wheel and know the whole process. But you must know that a dirty mouse can affect cursor movement, scroll wheel issues, and sensor problems. Daily computer users face this issue because they need knowledge about mouse wheel cleaning. So do not worry, we will tell you some pro tips, and you can clean your mouse. Read the full article and feel free to apply these things. We have years of experience, and it will never damage your mouse.

10 Tips on How to Clean Mouse Wheel 

How to clean mouse wheel
  • To start mouse cleaning, remove it from the computer and if your mouse is running on batteries, remove it.
  • Flip your mouse and see it from the bottom. Find the screw to open the mouse wheel, but in some models, there is one small screw. 
  • Open the screw with the help of a screwdriver. And do it safely and flip the mouse back over.
  • Pull back the panel and try to lift it from the mouse. You will see the mouse wheel along with the internal circuit board. Note this step because it will show like this when you clean your mouse and reset it.
  • Now grasp your plastic assembly, and the two springs will extend from the other side. Pull the assembly and remove the wheel from the attached springs.
  • Put your compressed air from the surrounding four inches to your wheel and fire short bursts of air at either side of the wheel. And continue this process and even clean all dust from your mouse.
  • Run the cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and tip the swab around the circumference of the wheel. Remove all the dust from your wheel and leave it for 3 or 2 minutes to dry. 
  • Replace the plastic assembly in front of the center of your open mice; you will hear the small click that is the sign of seated correctly.
  • Fit your top panel to your mouse, flip the mouse to replace the screw, and tighten it until it is snug.
  • Test your mouse to confirm it is properly working

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How to clean the mouse wheel without taking it apart?
First, unplug your mouse from the computer and hold your mouse using compressed air to remove dust from your mouse. Dip the cotton swab in alcohol, move it around the wheel, and leave it for 2 minutes to dry. Then your mouse wheel is clean of dust and ready for use.
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We try our best to guide you on How to Clean Mouse Wheel, and we ensure it will be helpful for you. Because the mouse wheel is a sensitive part, and if you do not take care of it properly, it can harm your mouse’s lifespan. Moreover, you invest a good amount in your mice, and you deserve the proper working and average lifespan of your mouse. Hopefully, our different tips give you the confidence to clean your mouse wheel properly and enjoy the seamless scrolling experience with a clean mouse. Keep using these methods and save your mouse wheel from getting greasy.

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