How to clean computer mouse

12 Best tips how to Clean a Computer Mouse in 2024

A computer mouse is a small device that allows you to move the cursor across the screen. It’s used to select text and click the buttons that allow you to interact with the computer. Over time, your mouse can accumulate dust, dirt, hair, and other debris. If you’re using a desktop computer, you can clean your mouse by running it through the dishwasher or using a dry cloth to wipe off the dust. However, if you’re using a laptop, you’ll need to clean the mouse yourself.

I am going to tell you what tools you should have and it is the best way how to clean a computer mouse. These steps are following:

1: Collect your tools

For clean your computer mouse you should have all these things

A Cotton stuff cloth

how to clean a computer mouse

A cotton stuff cloth cleaner is a simple cleaning solution that you can use to clean any surface. It’s safe for use on any fabric, including cotton, silk, linen, and polyester. This post describes how to make a simple cotton stuff cloth cleaner that you can use to clean your clothes and your mouse.

Towels for cleaning

how to clean a computer mouse

For cleaning the dust from other parts from the mouse you need a towel.

Wooden Toothpicks

how to clean a computer mouse

For cleaning the other matter and dust from the corner of the mouse.

70% Alcohol

For cleaning and sanitizing.If your isopropyl alcohol is stronger than 70%, dilute it with water, or use a mild dish detergent (for disinfecting) and/or water (for general cleaning). Don’t use a cleaning agent that contains ammonia (e.g., Windex), as it can harm your mouse.

how to clean a computer mouse

Unplag your mouse from desktop computer

how to clean a computer mouse

For start cleaning the mouse it is necessary to unplag your mouse from desktop computer because it can be dangerous for you. Make sure that the mouse is not in contact with any wires or other electrical components. If you find that it is, then you should turn off the power. The mouse will be shocked if it touches a live wire. If your mouse is wireless then make sure it is not connected with any device.

Clean the whole mouse with the dry cloth

how to clean a computer mouse

Clean your whole mouse with the dry colth and remove the dust from the mouse case.

Move the wooden Toothpick around the Mouse

You need to clean the corner of the mouse use your wooden toothpick and remove the dust from the mouse corner by move the toothpick from buttons and the whole mouse.

how to clean a computer mouse

Turn over the mouse

  • Check these thing
  • Feet

Clean the little rubber feet of the mouse

  • Sensor

Check the light area that is covered by the plastic or glass.

  • Dip your cotton bird in the alcohol

Use it for remove the dust from your mouse small parts.

Push the dirty areas

  • Mouse Feet
  • Mouse sides
  • Any part that is clean with toothpick
  • Mouse scroll wheel

Use alcohol cloth carefully

  • Using alcohol cloth carefully on your mouse can damage your mouse components.

Wait for dry the Alcohol

  • Be patient and wait for a few minutes to dry the alcohol. It does not take the time and you can also use the fiber cloth to dry the alcohol.

Open your mouse from the top

If your mouse can open from the top then open it and clean the components from inside this future depends on your mouse design and manufacturer. Also you can check your mouse manufacturer on the internet by searching for the model number.

Use the fiber and alcohol cloth

  • For cleaning the inside parts of your mouse use fiber and alcohol cloth to remove the dust.

Rearrange the mouse when every part is dry

  • After five to ten minutes rearrange your mouse and you will see every part is dry, shining and looking clean.

How to clean gaming mouse

The mouse is also a very important part of your computer, and it should be taken good care of. If you don’t clean your computer mouse, it will eventually get dirty and then you’ll have a problem. So, you should take some time to clean your mouse. How to clean a computer mouse read my review and get help.

how to clean a computer mouse

You are starting the process for how to clean a computer mouse so first, you should take your mouse out of its packaging. After that, you should wash your mouse with warm water and soap. Then, you should dry your mouse completely. You can use a towel or a blow dryer to dry it. Once your mouse is dried, you should place it in a plastic bag. This will help to prevent any dirt or dust from getting into the mouse.

FAQS: ( Frequently Asked Question)

  1. How to clean a computer  mouse

    Are you looking the pro tips for how to clean a computer mouse because your computer mouse can get dirty over time and it can make your computer feel sluggish. You’ll find that it’s easier to clean your mouse if you know what to look for. There are a few things you can do to clean your computer mouse. For starters, you’ll want to remove the mouse pad. If you have a hard surface beneath the mouse, you can use a wet cloth to wipe away any dirt. If you don’t have a hard surface, you can use a dry cloth and rub it against the sides of the mouse. You can also use a microfiber cloth, but make sure to wring it out completely before you begin cleaning.

  2. How do i cleaning a trackball mouse?

    Trackball mice are a great alternative to the traditional optical mice, which can be a pain to clean. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of cleaning your computer’s mouse, but what about the trackball? Cleaning a trackball is a lot easier than cleaning an optical mouse, so you should take the time to do it. Read my this review and apply to clean your trackball mouse.

  3. How to clean a mouse ball?

    Mouse balls are usually made of paper, so they can be easily cleaned. Take the mouse ball outside and put it in a garbage bag. Throw the bag away in the trash.

  4. How to clean computer mouse buttons?

    A toothbrush or an old toothbrush works great to clean your computer mouse buttons.

  5. Do you need to clean the bottom of your mouse?

    It is important to clean the bottom of your mouse because the oil from your fingers can cause the mouse to malfunction.

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In conclusion, I would love to help you with how to clean a computer mouse. We want to stress the importance of taking care of your mouse. We know that they are a very important part of your gaming experience, and it’s easy to get them damaged. So, if you’re going to invest in a gaming mouse, make sure you do your research and find a mouse that is well-made and will last for a long time. Also, make sure that you take good care of it. We’ve found that the best mice on the market are those that are designed to be durable.

  • If you want to buy the mouse and read my article best gaming mouse you will get the guide for buying the perfect mouse.

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