What Size Mouse Pad Should I Get

What Size Mouse Pad Should I Get? Ultimate Guide 2024

We agree that the best mouse pad plays an essential role in your mouse movement with tracking and control. But the problem I that mouse pads are available in different sizes, and you need to decide What Size Mouse Pad Should I Get?

First of all, keep in mind mouse pad have 4 sizes small, medium,  extended, large, extra large, double extra large, and triple extra large. What Size Mouse Pad Should I Get? So

read it carefully; only some sizes suit some people; you must check the size according to your mouse or desk space. Also, you can make your gaming mouse pad by reading this review How to Make a Gaming Mouse Pad.

However, if you are a gamer, you can use a large-size gaming mouse pad for a low DPI setting. Or if you have a maximum space, then What Size Mouse Pad Should I Get? For using a high DPI setting, in this case, you can choose a large size of mouse pad.

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Think about 4 things What Size Mouse Pad Should I Get?

  • DPI setting
  • Mouse Grip
  • Size of your Desk
  • Purpose of Mouse Pad
What Size Mouse Pad Should I Get

DPI setting

You need a large mouse size when gaming because, during gaming, your mouse covers a considerable distance on your screen with the high DPI setting. That’s why your mouse moves between large spaces for better control and tracking using a giant mouse pad, or choose it according to your needs. 

Mouse Grip

We know mouse grips are essential when we use a gaming mouse. And three types of grips fingertip, palm, and claw grip. If you use a fingertip grip, you can use a small mouse pad because, in this movement, you are using your fingertip in the small mouse pad area. But you need a large mouse pad size in the palm grip because your arm controls your mouse movement. And in the claw grip, you can decide as compared to previous differences.

Size of your Desk

It is an important decision when choosing the mouse pad for your desk size. If you need more space on your desk or select a large mouse pad size, it will be uncomfortable. First, measure the size of your desk, then choose a mouse pad according to your desk space.

Purpose of Mouse Pad

Before choosing the mouse pad determines the purpose of your mouse pad. If you want to play the games you can choose mouse size with your mouse grip. If you want to use a mouse pad for daily tasks then choose it with your desk size. 

Brand Dimenction For Gaming Mouse Pads

BrandSmall SizaMedium SizeLarge SIzeExtended Size
Razer270*215*3360*275*2mm450*400*3 mm940*410*4 mm
MadCatz320*270*1.8mm390*315*1.8mm430*370*1.8mm900*400*1.8 mm
Aorus265*210*3mm350*260*3 mm440*300*3 mm100*400*3 mm

Small Mouse Pad Size: Small mouse pads take the small space on your desk and you can use it for general advantages. The small mouse pad’s recommended size is 200*250 mm. 

Medium Mouse Pad Size: You can use a medium mouse pad commonly it can fit in the center of your desk. The medium mouse pad’s recommended size is 300*350 mm. 

Large Mouse Pad Size: Large size of mouse pads only recommend for your large desk. If you do not have a large desk do not choose it. Recommended dimension of a large mouse pad is 400*450 mm.

Extra Large Mouse Pad Size: If you are a graphics designer then you have a large desk you can choose an extra large mouse pad. Because its dimension is 400*800 mm.

Double Extra Large Mouse Pad Size: If you are a user of low resolution on your mouse with a resting environment then use a double extra large mouse pad. And its dimension is 450*950.

Triple Extra  Mouse Pad Size: Triple extra mouse pad size is 600*1200 and it needs a lot of space on your desk. It will allow you to install the keyboard on the top and use it with pleasant results.

How to choose the Best Mouse Pad Size for Gamers 

According to gamers to use they need a large mouse pad for moving their mouse for tracking control. For accuracy use the low DPI mouse during gaming it is less costly for you. But some gamers like to use hard mouse pads. 

Take a look at Mouse Pad Size for Print


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Choose Mouse Pad Size for Business

Choose Mouse Pad Size for Business

Mouse pad size is available in rounded and rectangular shapes and for business, purpose uses the professional Corsair brand. And its dimension is 35.2*27.5*0.25 cm. And you can also use the RGB and LED lighting gaming mouse pads. 

Choose Mouse Pad Size for Adobe Photoshop

Choose Mouse Pad Size for Adobe Photoshop

Are you a pro designer to must pay attention to your mouse pad size? So read it carefully and choose the best size that suits you. The small mouse pad size is 979.2*816, for medium mouse pad size is 1324.8*1017.6 and the large mouse pad size is 1699.2*1507.2, and the last extended size is 3398.4*1507.2 px.

Choose Mouse Pad Size for Illustrator

For using Illustrator for designing purposes the recommended mouse pad size is 350*270 mm and 13.8*10.6 inch. If you are using a 300 DPI setting otherwise you have to compromise with the quality.

FAQS OF What Size Mouse Pad Should I Get

How big Should a Gaming Mouse pad be?

Commonly big mouse pad sizes are used like 450*400 mm. Which is a very suitable size for moving your mouse around the gaming. 

How to choose the best mouse pad size for gamers?

For gamers, the medium mouse pad size is recommended always. But if you have a small space on your desk then you can use a small mouse pad.

What is the best size of a mouse pad?

However, it depends on a lot of things like your use, your desk space, your DPI setting, and your hand grip. We explain everything please read the full review and choose the best size that suits your needs. 

Final Predication

We try to use our best resources for finding the best things that will help you in What Size Mouse Pad Should I Get? Do not choose any mouse pad size without comparing this review. Please keep in mind all the things then choose the best one.

We try to give all types of purpose mouse pad size guides and our experts share the experience with you. If you still need any guidance you can ask in the comment section.

We hope you like it follow us for more Tips. 💓 💓 💓

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