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What is CPS Test – Check your clicks per second |2024|

It is an enjoyable and time-spending tool for gamers; they can get the highest CPS using online tools. What is the CPS Test? How to increase cps? What does butterfly click mean? In this review article, you will get all the answers, and we hope you will clear the things in your mind.

With the advanced technology, gamers want to know What is CPS Test and how they can improve it. First, go to the online cps test site, choose your cps timeframes from 1 second to 100-second test, and follow these steps. 

Click on the test area and choose your timeframe. Also, you can choose a dark or light mode on your test screen.

When you start the test, try to get the maximum cps possible. And there are frames from 1 second to 1000 seconds. 

When your timeframe is complete, you will get the click score on your screen. Also, you can share it with your friends and family using social media. 

How to Butterfly Click?

You will find a lot of unique clicking methods, and there are lots of famous methods. But How to Butterfly Click is a different and quirky method in which you can achieve your highest CPS goal. And you can get these advantages in your Minecraft game and score the highest. It will be helpful to perform the high CPS, and the beauty of this method is you put them in input, and the result you will get the two outputs. 

Moreover How to Butterfly Click method is specially developed for the gaming scene in which gamers can achieve multiple clicks. Use your two fingers on your mouse and achieve multiple clicks. For How to Butterfly Click use your middle and index finger; it is the best practice for drag clicking. So when we try to butterfly click, we use our mouse, and then it will register as a butterfly click. Here you are trying to register your mouse for one time and find the clicking point on your mouse in which you will click just once, and in the butterfly click, it will be counted three times. Explore the point and do it continuously on this angle until it works. 

However, the method of How to Butterfly Click is challenging to do. It needs a lot of practice, and you will face a hard time. You can also see the video tutorial for the best practice scroll down the page and watch the tutorial on youtube. To become a master in butterfly clicking, you need to be consistent and patient and ensure you are tapping on your mouse only once. If you do it properly and show consistency, you can get 20 clicks per second. 

4 Tips for How to Butterfly Click?

Practice your clicking techniques

It is the most important part to learn anything and practice for learning. And continuously do your practice, including rapid finger muscle spasms for click. 

The mouse is recommended, not the laptop trackpad.

For butterfly click, use your mouse, not your laptop cursor; we do not recommend it. Because the mouse working is fast as compared to the laptop cursor. 

Select the keys

Select the working keys that can be important; when possible, use the keys for the press. For example, if you want to press the left or right mouse clicker, use the keys for this purpose.

Choose the gaming mouse.

It is special to note that every butterfly clicker does not use the normal mouse. It is not good for this purpose to choose the good specification gaming mouse for getting the good CPS.

FAQS How to Butterfly Click?

How to Butterfly Click on any mouse?

To click on any mouse, you need to check two things in your mouse. The first thing your mouse has is the textured buttons for drag-clicking, and the second thing is to check the switches that can withstand physically making the drag-clicking steps. Then you will learn how to butterfly click on the right click using your mouse buttons.

How to Butterfly click on an office mouse?

In your office, use the gaming mouse and click with your middle finger and index finger to get the high CPS. For butterfly click properly, you need a lot of practice then you will be able to get 20 CPS.

How to Butterfly Click faster?

Make sure you use your two fingers on your mouse to click fast in the butterfly click. Make sure you use your middle finger and index finger and make a lot of practice; then, you can fast-click in this technique.

What is CPS Test average normal click cps?

It depends on your speed and practice. If you are doing normal clicks, you can get 5 clicks per second, and the average of cps is 5 to 10 clicks per second. 

What is cps test for butterfly click 30 cps?

Gamers want to get the highest cps in butterfly clicking, and with a lot of practice, they can get 30 cps in butterfly clicking in just 1 minute. 

Is the butterfly click method practice good for those who are aware of what is cps test? 

Yes, for sure; who knows what is cps test? Then they can do perfect butterfly clicking, but it takes work. 

YouTube video

In brief, What is CPS Test is the most effective technique for PVP users and is very comfortable to beat your competitors. Level up your gaming experience and apply all the tips we explain in this review. It is very difficult for us, but we try our best. Do not think it is an easy technique; it requires a lot of time, and then you can do it properly. So try all things read more reviews about this technique, and increase your learning capacity.

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