How to Increase CPS

How To Increase CPS Fastest And Highly Recommended Method Of 2024

Are you a lover of playing Minecraft games and trying to find a guide about high clicks? We know that Minecraft player wants to perform batter than other players and want to make their strong image in the game world. That’s why you are searching for How to increase CPS and improve it. In this guide, you will get the idea, and we will try to clarify things for you.

How to Increase CPS

Moreover, please do not take it more seriously because it is difficult in practice. To get help with Increasing CPS, be patient and follow all the rules. If you do hurry, it can be harmful to you. We care about you and do not want to hurt you; we give information based on our experience.

How to increase CPS

As we know, CPS stands for ( click per second ), and there are many ways to increase it. The major thing is to click your mouse fast, and we can say that is a good idea, but it only works for some games. In this method, you can click on your mouse 6 to 5 times a second. And on the other side, with the help of your two fingers, you can make multiple times click. Yeah, it is not easy, but when you practice with the low-speed mouse, you will become a master in increasing your click CPS. So do a lot of practice over time, and you will be able to make the world record; we believe in it.

4 useful methods for How to increase CPS?

Daily Practice

How to increase CPS

We know everything takes time to improve, and consistency is the key to success. If you apply this formula to your daily practice, you will get your target soon. So do not stop yourself and make a habit of daily practice.

Drag clicking

Drag clicking

The unique and different ways How to increase CPS use the Drag Clicking method. Professional players use this unique method. Are you at the starting stage? Then do, practice, and take yourself to this level.

Best choice gaming mouse

The mouse is the particular part for  How to increase CPS, and a good choice gaming mouse can be helpful for you. This mouse’s specialty is specially designed for gamers with different features. So it will feel comfortable for you in your daily practice. 

Set the right position

  • For How to increase CPS, follow these steps to set your right position.
  • In the first step, try to relax your arms.
  • Hold your mouse like the fingers are placed on the mouse.
  • Do not click formally on your mouse; choose the one-clicking method and follow it.
  • Now click on your mouse regularly while your mind is relaxed.
  • When you start practicing, make the plan in your mind and ready your mind.

FAQS of How to Increase CPS?

How to get a higher CPS?

To become a master in CPS and get a higher CPS, you need to become a master in butterfly clicking, and drag clicking, then you will get higher CPS.

How to increase CPS in any mouse?

You can increase the CPS in any mouse with a lot of practice and consistency.

How to increase CPS in block mango?

Choose any useful clicking method like Jitter Clicking or Butterfly Clicking and apply it on block man go to increase CPS.

Which is the best increase in CPS software?

You will find much useful software, but we recommend you to use this website

How to improve CPS?

Use all the methods already explained in How to Increase CPS and Improve the CPS.

How can I get 20 CPS?

You need to do more practice to get 20 CPS. There are many online sites that can help you to improve your clicking speed.


So you will get very useful information in this article on How to increase CPS and follow all the steps it will work for you. Remember to do it regularly and increase your CPS in Minecraft games. Also, tell your friends and suggest they follow us for more unique methods and suggestions.

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