Mouse Frozen on Laptop

5 Solutions For Mouse Frozen on Laptop Ultimate Guide 2024

Sometimes we face the mouse freeze issue, and the cursor is not moving on the screen. In this case, try these steps that will be helpful for you. We will tell you five main reasons How to Fix a Mouse Frozen on a Laptop?

5 Solution for Mouse Frozen on Laptop

  • Physical Issues
  • Check functional keys
  • Try mouse properties
  • Check drivers updates
  • Restore system files

Physical Issues

If you have a wired mouse, try to check the different ports and replace the battery and charger to check the mouse problem. 

Check functional keys

If you are using a wireless mouse, then check your function keys. It may be paused. For this purpose, on your keyboard, press the functional key and the touchpad key like F7, F8, F9 F5, depending on your laptop brand. Then move your mouse and see if it is working or not.

Try mouse properties

Go to mouse setting and check the mouse properties it is enabled or not. Turn on Allow mouse properties and then check mouse is working.

Check drivers updates

Sometimes we ignore the updates and their effect on our mouse working. So always check the updates and put things up to date. Go to the mouse drivers setting and update it; your mouse can work.

Restore system files

We ignore checking system files, and corrupt files cause damage to your moue working. So repair and restore your system file and download Run SFC scan to scan and secure your files. 

Mouse Freezes Every Few Seconds

If your face mouse freezes every few seconds, the main reason is using corrupt and outdated drivers. Ans the other issues are malware or technical issues that can be damaged your windows. Apply these tips and fix your mouse freezing issues. 

  • Press Alt+Tab and switch your window and fix your issue
  • Use the restart File Explorer option; it is a fast and quick way
  • Could you restart your computer and recheck it?
  • Again try to connect your mouse
  • Mouse cleaning is essential to check whether your mouse is clean or not
  • Check mouse battery charging
  • Try different USB port

When you use these tips, we hope it will work for you, and you can fix your mouse frozen issue in a few seconds.

How important is a Gaming Mouse?

The gaming mouse is designed for the computer and is essential for pro gamers. Ans is a higher DPI regular mouse designed with multiple buttons and functionality. An average standard mouse last 24 to 30 months. A branded mouse has multiple program buttons to perform different actions in a specific task. You can choose a particular gaming mouse for your needs, and there are many types of gaming mice. 

What to Look for in a Gaming Mouse?

You will find many gaming mice in the market or online. But gamers only trust one that fulfills their needs. Because a good gaming mouse is a need for a pro gamer, they want to find the best gaming mouse. Always remember these tips when you decide to buy a gaming mouse.

  1. Playing style
  2. Mouse buttons and functions
  3. DPI setting
  4. Polling Rate
  5. Mouse size and weight
  6. Wireless mouse and Wired mouse
  7. Grip Style

Razer Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping

The Razer mouse is a more efficient and durable mouse for gamers. It is efficient in its size, performance, and playing styles. If you are facing a Razer Mouse Scroll Wheel Jumping problem, follow these steps; we hope it will be helpful for you. So use these tools and fix your problem.

  • WD-40
  • Mini-straw
  • Bottlecap
  • Lid
  • Mini screwdrivers

When you have all these tools, unplug your mouse from the USB port and remove all rubber tapes from the bottom. After removing it, you have a sticky tape; take it off slowly and keep it for later use. Now use the screwdriver and remove dumps and crew; you are in the right place. Clean your mouse motherboard and your mouse scroll wheel. After cleaning the mouse wheel, put some WD-40 between the clicking mechanism. Now attach the screw and tape back on your mouse. Now it will work fine.

Final Words

We briefly discuss Mouse Frozen on a laptop and try to explain everything. If you are using a wired or wireless mouse, no problem; we explain everything. And we hope our guide is helpful to you and you will fix your problems. 

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks. ✨ ✨ ✨


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