How to Use a Gaming Mouse

How to Use a Gaming Mouse Best Gaming Guide 2024

The gaming mouse is difficult to use compared to the simple mouse in which you click simple buttons, and you can easily understand this. And in the gaming mouse, you programmed it to make it more useful. Try to use all features of your gaming mouse, do not make it like a normal mouse. So here we discuss How to Use a Gaming Mouse and will recommend you the best gaming mouse.

Choose Your Gaming Mouse

Moreover, you will find many gaming mice, but one Best Drag Clicking Mouse is perfect for you. As we know, every mouse is different compared to other gaming mouse features, but the ergonomic mouse is best because of its firm grip, lightweight, and comfortable design. How to Use a Gaming Mouse is an important question, so first, try to know the safety priorities. Daily computer users know about CTS or Carpal Tunnel. And if you are a daily user, you must maintain your proper grip and healthy wrist for playing or working. So this is the main reason mice are designed in different shapes, designs, and sizes according to daily user ease. Everyone has different requirements and preferences; some have small hands, some have big hands, others are right-handed, and some are left-handed.

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 For small-hand gamers, a lightweight mouse is suitable for moving and performing tasks. When you use a palm grip and use your fingertip, it will be more comfortable for you. However, it is easy for long-hand gamers to choose a gaming mouse because they can easily use a palm grip and fingers or choose any mouse design.

Video Gaming Mouse Genre

We know that the two common mouse genres are optical and laser. The main popular thing in optical mice is that they respond quickly and instantly. Gamers need a quick reaction in their games, so it fits this purpose. Many games are popular, and FPS games are one of them because it plays at a high level. As we mentioned in How to Use a Gaming Mouse, choose a mouse that fits your hands, and the DPI setting can be programmed easily. For this purpose, please read our review of How Fast Can I Click My Mouse. And other users who are finding MMORPG mice will put their efforts into finding this type of mouse. Because they want tons of buttons, and more than the keyboard is needed for him. That’s why they want to customize their mouse to perform different actions.

Moreover, MMORPG mice have 20 separate buttons, and the example of this World of Warcraft and you can improve your skills, items, and other hotkeys. Adding extra mouse buttons is called a lifesaver or macro command.

Clean your Mouse

Using a gaming mouse, you have to take care of it properly. The dust on your mouse sensor can damage your mouse performance. Because if you do not clean it, your mouse will not last long. So clean your mouse in a week or clean it 3 or 4 times a month. A clean mouse provides comfort, and you do not need to buy a new mouse quickly. Because we know wireless gaming mice are too expensive, and we need to replace them quickly. Read this article, How to Clean Mouse Sensor , and follow all the steps for cleaning your mouse. 

Windows setting for How to Use a Gaming mouse.

Most gamers use the windows operating system for pc games, which is safe for use. And for MAC users, you will find compatible features and settings on your desk. Let’s discuss this program and setting, and you can ask any question in the comment section. 

Windows setting
  • Sensitivity Setting
  • Mouse Acceleration turn off
  • Mouse DPI setting

Sensitivity Setting

If you are a Windows 10 user, you need help finding it. So type mouse setting in C-Panel, and there you will see the advanced options; click on it. And on the top, you will find the motion table. Now you can set the speed to your requirement. From 6 to 11 notches, please select the option for fast or slow and set it. 

Mouse Acceleration Turn Off

Make sure you do not click on Enhance pointer precision; it allows like-for-like movement, which means if you move your cursor on your screen, it will move your whole screen with characters. You can lose many of your screen controls, and gamers know it is terrible.

Mouse DPI Setting

DPI is the most important and powerful component for your gaming mouse. It gives you the speed and power to translate your mouse speed. So set the DPI setting according to your needs. 

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FAQS of How to Use a Gaming Mouse

Which mouse is more expensive, wireless or wired?

The wireless mouse is more expensive as compared to a wired mouse. If you are a gamer and want to buy a wireless mouse, go to this article Best Minecraft Mouse, and you’ll get the best guide for buying a cheap wireless mouse.

Why do gamers want more gaming mouse buttons on their mouse?

Most gamers are playing FPS games, and quick actions are required for this type of game. That’s why gamers want more customized mouse buttons to perform well in their games.

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Bottom Line:-

After reading this review about How to Use a Gaming Mouse, you can set up the mouse yourself. So start toying with them and experiment. And the main thing is to do only one step at a time and make it consistent. As we know, consistency is the key to success, and you achieve your gaming goals. Using a good gaming mouse, you will save yourself from sensitivity issues. We hope our info and struggle can help you with your problems; if you need help, you can contact us. 💖 💖💖

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