How To Fix Mouse Lag

9 Easy and Effective Solutions How to Fix Mouse Lag |2024|

How to Fix Mouse Lag when suddenly this problem becomes annoying for every person? There are many reasons for mouse lagging, including your window problem or the driver’s issue. Your mouse freezes while gaming and do not appear pointer on your screen.

Moreover, the main issue of the mouse lagging in the window is the mouse setting. Go to the mouse setting and update it hope it will work for you. A troubleshooting error may be a problem disconnecting your mouse and connecting it again. Then check whether it is working or not. How to Fix Mouse Lag? Let’s discuss in detail how to fix it.

9 Steps for How to Fix Mouse Lag

  • Check your Mouse Connection
  • Mouse Drivers Updates
  • Check window activation
  • Check audio process
  • Check threshold
  • Check your touchpad delay
  • Turn off Cortana
  • Check the USB port connection
  • Try to use a USB extender

Check Your Mouse Connection

Before doing anything, make sure it is not your mouse problem. Disconnect your mouse and try connecting it with another device; if it is connecting, it is your USB port problem. 

Mouse Drivers Updates

Sometimes we must remember to update the mouse drivers, so we face mouse lagging issues. So always keep updating your drivers.

  • Press windows+R for the launch run utility
  • Now type devmgmt.mcs and click on ok
  • I the mice and other pointing devices option right click on it and then click on the update drivers.
  • After this process, your drivers start to update

Check window activation

In, window 10 you can enable your window in the windows setting tab. Enable it and then activate it to check your mouse performance. 

  • Type in the taskbar windows and go to setting
  • In the windows option, click on the devices option
  • Now you will find the option Mouse & touchpad
  • Now in the setting enable or disable this feature

Check audio process

If you are using the NVIDIA part, you need to check this setting. You need to disable the high NVIDIA audio component. 

  • Click on the taskbar and go to task manager
  • Then click on the performances tab
  • And click on the Realtek HD Audio manager
  • Now click on the End Task button
  • Check your mouse lagging issue

Check threshold

If you are using a trackpad o, this method is for you. Only some pc has this driver, and we do not guide you 100% because it totally depends on your devices. 

Check your touchpad delay.

Enable this feature in your windows may be it will work for you. 

  • Type windows+I in your taskbar and go to settings
  • Now click the devices option
  • From the menu option, choose mouse & touchpad
  • Now make sure not to delay option is always on
  • Now test your mouse working

Turn off Cortana

This feature is useless always to turn offs turn off. But in the Windows 10, you need to turn it off.

  • Click on the Cortana option and go to setting
  • Now turn off every Cortana option
  • Now test whether your mouse is working or not

Check the USB port connection

If the previous solution does not work for you, then check your USB port connection. Try another USB 2.0 port because not every pc support USB 3.0 port. And the other reason is the USB port is damaged that you are using.

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Try to use a USB extender.

Sometimes you face mouse lag issues due to your power settings. But you can fix it in some easy steps. 

  • Type in the taskbar windows+R
  • Type devmgmt.mcs and click on the o button
  • Now click on universal serial bus controllers
  • Select the properties by right-clicking on them properties
  • Now go to the power menu tab
  • Now uncheck. Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power option.
  • Click on ok, and now check your mouse is working,


We try to explain How to Fix Mouse lag, and we hope everything is clear for you. These are all types of issues that can occur in your mouse. But if you try all the solutions and still face a mouse lag issue, that means now is the time to replace your mouse. Buy a new mouse and contact the manufacturers if you have a warranty on your old mouse. Remember to tell us about your experience in the comment section. 

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