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Heavy Mouse VS Light Mouse Which is Better for Gaming in 2024?

Are you new in your gaming career? Then it will confuse you which mouse is better, Heavy Mouse VS Light Mouse? However, we must determine which is good because both mice have benefits and drawbacks. Because they suit the different types of games and our experts, explain the difference between both. And we make it easy to choose the right mouse. 

As we know, a heavy vs. light mouse is necessary for your gaming competition. And if you are a professional gamer, then make the right decision in choosing the mouse weight to perform the batter in your gaming. To clear this confusion, we are discussing all pros and cons in detail.

Heavy Mouse VS Light Mouse Comparison

FeaturesLight MouseHeavy Mouse
DPI80 Grams120 Grams or more
Build QualitySuperb build quality like Logitech or Razer build qualityExtreme level quality
FPS GamesExcellent FPS gamesGood FPS Games
ControlOnly work well with the low DPI setting not with high DPI setting
Excellent control with high DPI setting
ComfortProvide comfort for a long time playingExcellent for high grip
Mouse FeaturesLimited featuresHeavy design comes with more features

Why use a Lightweight Gaming Mouse?

We use a lightweight gaming mouse with a low DPI setting for a better protection environment in gaming. Using a light gaming mouse gives you more comfort in control for regular players. It is also a good choice for small hands because it weighs 80 grams. Also, lightweight gaming mice have more benefits; if you have a light PC and want quick movements or swift actions, it is the perfect choice for your interest. Let’s discuss some features of a lightweight mouse.

  • Comfort
  • Sensitivity
  • Motor Skills
  • Material
  • Features

Comfort: Lightweight mice are very comfortable for your wrist. And you can use it for many hours without hurting your wrist. Mainly it is suitable for full-day work.

Sensitivity: If you want to choose a lightweight mouse, then is ideal for low DPI settings. Because manufacturers prioritize using lightweight components like batteries or sensors that make better sensitivity.

Motor Skills: For small hands, lightweight mice are very comfortable moving and performing quickly. Gamers also improved their motor skills using this mouse.

Material: The material used in this type of mouse-like silicone or other material that provides perfect durability. Also, it makes the mice lightweight and easy to use for full-day work.

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You can choose a lightweight mouse for these small features, but we are sorry you can not get more features. With the light mouse, you will get only limited features if you are ok with this, then choose it. 

Why use a Heavy Mouse for Gaming?

If you are an MMO game player daily, you must select a heavy-weight mouse because it is better to play this type of game with a high DPI setting. Your action movement is significant for playing MMO games; it weighs 120 grams, and you do not worry about physical movement, which is a great option. Let’s discuss more features.

  1. Control
  2. Grip
  3. Annoying for wrist
  4. Not sure about the grips

Control: Weighted mice are a superb choice for high-sensitivity environments with effortless control. Compared to a lightweight mouse, it gives you more chances for regular use, and your mouse cursor does not move everywhere. 

Grip: Weighted mice are only suitable for long hands because they can easily handle their weight. If someone is playing with a palm grip, choosing a weighted mouse will be a good decision.  

Annoying for the wrist: It is why if you use the weighted mouse, you can hurt your wrist because the weight of your mouse can cause wrist pain. So, we do not give you any suggestions; it is up to your use and needs.

Not sure about the grips?: We are not sure about your playing grip, so we can not recommend you choose Heavy Mouse VS Light Mouse. Set your grip, look at the mouse shape, and choose a good mouse.


We try to include all pros and cons of Heavy Mouse VS Light Mouse. And we see a significant difference in the weight of both mice, depending on the DPI environment. The weighted mouse is 120 grams, but you can play with a high DPI environment. 

So we suggest choosing a lightweight mouse for a long time playing games and making short and quick moments in the gaming environment. It is also suitable for your light PC settings.

But if you are a player of MMO games or MOBA games, then choose a heavy-weight mouse. Then it is comfortable for FPS games.


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